Hello, I'm Marc Anton Dahmen, a full-stack developer and UI designer based in Basel, Switzerland. I love to create awesome things with computers. Check out my latest personal projects below.

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Automad — a flat-file content management system, template engine and page builder for aesthetes, written in modern PHP.
automad.png automad-dark.png
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Revitron — a Revit API wrapper written in Python. It helps you to develop clean and powerful Revit plugins in pyRevit.
revitron.png revitron-dark.png
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Sortable Tree is a small TypeScript package that let's you easily create draggable, sortable and collapsible UI navigation trees.
sortable-tree.png sortable-tree-dark.png
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Image Refractor — a canvas-based web-component for applying refraction effect to images.
image-refractor.png image-refractor-dark.png
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Images from the void —
a playground and showcase for AI generated images using Python.
void.png void-dark.png
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Airmad is a fexible yet simple to use Automad extension that let’s you easily integrate Airtable bases into your site by using Handlebars templates.
airmad.png airmad-dark.png
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UI packages that can be used with the Automad content management system in order to create beautiful websites.
ui.png ui-dark.png
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Home Sessions — a diverse collection of House, Techno, Acid and Italo-Disco mixes.
mixes.png mixes-dark.png
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You can find me on GitHub and LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter and YouTube. Or simply drop me a line at ed.nemhadcram@olleh‎ —
see ya!