In 2012, Marc Anton Dahmen / Studio DMTW was commissioned to design a part of the LO Project series, LO9. Situated next to the LOX office complex in Neuss, Germany, the proposal aims to provide comfortable temporary residents in a business-driven neighbourhood as well as supporting residential needs for the LOX project.

The hotel consists of over 100 rooms and several related facilities such as restaurant, meeting rooms, office space, gym, etc. The shape of the design derives from the restrictions of the city planning, which allows for a fire truck to drive through the opening in order to reach neighbouring buildings in case of emergency. The facade plays on the use of curtains throughout the entire building, creating an ever changing exterior facade. The ground level of street side entrance compresses inward to shelter the exterior entrance and create space for the drop-off area.

The street-side entrance leads directly to the lobby of the hotel, as well as the restaurant. The main stairwell and elevators between the lobby and the restaurant connects to all levels within the building. This is the main circulation for all hotel related programmes. The office area and meeting rooms are located along the riverside section which has its own ground floor entrance and circulation but connects to the rest of the building from the first level and above.

Marc Anton Dahmen,
Maximilian Schmitz,
Mint Penpisuth Wallace,
Simina Dron