Study Project


The design of the new housing high rise building at the City Road Basin in London is based on a modular split level system. Every module consists of a naturally illuminated, straight corridor which makes accessible six units upstairs and six units downstairs. 13 of these modules pile up in an alternating rhythm. Because of this the traffic area works very efficient and on top of that it is possible for every unit to have a two-sided (east-west) naturally illumination and ventilation. The vertical aproach of these modules is ensured by two pairs of elevators. One pair makes accessible the corridors in the west and the other the corridors in the east. So an elevator only needs seven stops in maximum to get to the highest housing level on 112 m. In addition of all floors including the restaurant and the sports club on top the complete height of the building is about 130 m.

Marc Anton Dahmen

Advising Professor:
Wim van den Bergh