Campus Coburg



As part of the “Campus Design” extension in Coburg, the Klappan Group announced a student housing competition, located next to the university facilities.

In consideration of the existing buildings, the five-story dormitory design integrates in the north-west area of the “Braumeistervilla”. The dormitory creates a completion to the existing structure of the campus, which generates a square of enclosure for a new centre of student life, enhancing the students collaboration of creative ideas. The existing villa will be repurposed to accommodate the community and service facilities of the dormitory.

The overall 102 personal units are distributed to 90 single units and 12 units within 4 shared apartments. They are assigned onto both sides of the corridors in order to keep the traffic area efficient. The staircases are located along both ends of the building, they also provide natural lighting for the corridors.

Each unit contains a personal loggia. In the summer, the setback acts as a sun shading device for the floor to ceiling glazing. However, during the winter months, the low position of the sun allows natural lighting to enter the rooms.

In term of design, the alternating rhythm of the loggias has a big impact to the sculptural aspect of the form. But from an economical and sustainable point of view, the repetitive pattern allows the form to be separated into 102 pre-cast concrete elements. Thus, lowering the construction cost, as well as, time consumption while providing a high quality finishing.

Marc Anton Dahmen,
Maximilian Schmitz,
Mint Penpisuth Wallace